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Punta Cana Princess

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Our first time in Punta Cana for our honeymoon
Olah. We flew from Winnipeg MB it was about a 6hr flight. From Punta Cana airport it took about 30mins to get to our resort after stopping at alot of other resorts to drop people off ours was the last resort. We went thru at least 3 security gates (so I'm thinking the resorts are pretty safe). Their was 3 other couples that got off the bus with us at Punta Cana Princess We were greeted with some sweet alcoholic drinks (mmm) and cool face cloths and they checked us in fast which was nice after a long flight. It was dark by the time we got there so we went to our room which was nice we got a room beside the pool on the ground floor. We walked in and it was awesome!!! We had a fruit basket 2 bottles of rum a bottle of vodka and a bottle of whiskey ( I never touched that one :P) In the mini bar there was pop and soberana beer. They made a swan out of our towels and there was flowers all over the place :D Our luggage arrived a few mins later and we changed into appropriate cloths and went to get something to eat at the buffet which was pretty good. After we went for a walk to the beach and sat on the beach beds and listened to the ocean and the waves Which was the most memorable experience I'll ever remember!!! We had no idea what to expect how it was going to look because all we seen were pictures of the place and the turquiose ocean. We layed on the bed and looked at the stars you can see so many stars there (no light polution) We went back to our room and tied into the vodka and beer and the free cigars we got drunk and wondered how the rest of the week was going to be. We awoke the next morning to PARADISE! We flung open the curtains and were amazed by the sight OMG I thought i was dreaming. The staff at Punta Cana Princess made our stay memorable that we are going back there in 3weeks for our 1st year anniversary. Nelson was our favorite bartender he always had a smile on his face and remembered our names then there was Selena and Jose from the annimation team we had a good time with them in the lobby bar. There were so many staff that went above and beyond It was awesome. I recommend the Soana Island adventure we went on that excurtion it was a long bus ride but was worth it in the end. We always got a beach bed and a stool in the swim up bar. It's an adult only resort which was nice (no crying screaming kids 8 o'clock in the morning) So I hope to see you there in the future. Adios Amigos
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 03/11/2009



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