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Sosua by the Sea

Rating: Above average Phone: (809) 571-3222 Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: (809) 571-3020 E-Mail:
City: Sosua Contact: Value for money: Above average
Food: Average Decor: Above average Service: Excellent
I have stayed at Sosua by the Sea for three summers in a row and every time I loved it! The food is pretty good; they have a buffet and try their best to American-ize it, some things turn out great and others not so much. You will not go hungry though! There is something for everyone (they have a fantastic barbeque night twice a week too!).
The rooms are great, most are very spacious and have a kitchenette and maybe even a balcony. They are also decorated beautifully. Some people will complain of "damp sheets" but that will happen in most places in Dominican. It is because of the humidity! There is only one key for each room though, so if you come with a few people and then split up, make sure you don't lock someone out!
The service is fantastic! We often had trouble with our a/c and they would always send someone up in the same day to fix it. There was a little trouble with theft though. I never had anything stolen, but I know some people who did. MAKE SURE YOU USE YOUR SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX!! I can't stress this enough, put all your valuables in there and don't leave cameras/ipods just laying around the room, especially if you have someone coming to fix you a/c or another problem. Also, make sure someone is in the room when there is something being fixed. If you do these things, you will have no problems!!
The housekeeping service was amazing! They cleaned our room everyday and were always extremely courteous (you will have no problems with stealing with the housekeeping staff)!
The front desk people were also always very helpful. You can exchange money at the front desk and you can buy internet minutes, etc. The lobby is open and spacious, as is the rest of the resort. The open dining area is right on the ocean!! The drinks are strong, make sure you ask for it a bit weaker if you don't want to get drunk right away. The pool is great and there is also a hot tub, which are both kept up very well. Be careful walking along the pool deck though, it gets very slippery!
Overall, I LOVE staying at Sosua by the Sea and I recommend it for couples, groups, and singles! They are doing renovations right now as well, so maybe by the time you go there it will be even nicer!
Author: Annonymous Review date: 04/25/2009



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