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Sunsetdream Apartments

Rating: Horrible Phone: 1 809 320 1441 Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Puerto Plata Contact: Diane Pellerin Value for money: Horrible
Food: Average Decor: Horrible Service: Horrible
Sunsetdream, former Tropical House, is one of the worst places I have been during my travelling. It has recently changed name from Tropical House to Sunsetdream, and I learned from people in the city this is because Tropical House was a dead business. I understand why. Empty, almost no renters but me and another one. Located 2 km across Playa Dorada was the info I got in my reservation. Diane Pellerin forgot to tell the place is located 2 km across the mainroad, at end of a small village with a big Haitian settlement. The houses where the apartments are located, dirty, many things broken, only cold water, a toilet without a door. Steelbars instead of walls.. Nice to see nature, but invations of spiders, flies etc. etc. Dirty property with carparking and garbage in the middle. Tinroofs everywhere, looked more like a storage property.
No food service, not even a little store, no electricity - meaning backup such as invertor, generator or at least an emergency lamp. No transportation after dark.
A nice river though, but not built so you can swim in it, because you cannot get in unless you pass the workers house. Dirty backyard, where people were sitting an drinking. Got a first drive to the supermarket in the city by the owner, Diane Pellerin, included in my 20 US transfer. After that no assistance at all.
I do not recommend this overpriced, dirty place to anyone. If you plan to visit Puerto Plata independently, go for an apartment, or contact any of the cheaper hotels in town. There are also good Americans renting out rooms. This place is a true rip off. And do not fall in to the trap of the new name, because you cannot find information on it online, other than their own website. Search instead for Tropical House or Diane Pellerin and the truth will be there for you.

Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 06/9/2004



I am planning on going to what Mme Pellerin calls suncamp...anyone with any info on the place please contact [email protected]
thank you
Author: debbie Posted at 8:26 05/25/2008
you get what you paid for (lol)
Author: eddi Posted at 11:39 11/14/2005
Look Like you are all doing no fair publicity. Put down or lower a nice place wont put you place in a better situation... and wont take away the anger you have...You all have fake e-mail.... and you dont really least fair play would be good... I have a challenge for you... make constructive comment... I bet you cant...
Author: CC Posted at 2:01 07/12/2005
Just dont go there, its a complete mess that place. Live the Caribbean way and chose a place that can give you this adventure.. This dirty place in the bush cannot..
Author: Nicko Posted at 15:13 02/18/2005
WARNING! I just left from there a couple of month ago. Diane Pellerin offered me a room for 100 US for 1 month and I agreed because it is very very cheap. She said there were public transportation available. It is, public cars that goes daytime and you share it with 6-8 other people. It took me 40 minutes just to travel the 2 km to Playa Dorada! It is dangerous to walk and the big unlegal haitian settlement is to be passed. It rained a few days, could not leave to the city as a river needs to be passed, and it rises when raining heavy. No meals, drink or nothing is offered at this place.
The room was made of thin, thin wood, a tinroof with big nails in the roof, it rained in, simple beds with cementblocks instead of a base. Bathroom with cold water to be shared with others. No sheets, no towels...
ALOTS of bugs and spiders, lizards inside the room, during my stay of 2 weeks I had 2 rats visiting my bed when sleeping..
Alots of drinking is going on at that place, people are drunk early morning until evening, including the owner. The workers sneak around your place, wanting to "get friends".. They want your money or stuff. They are all unlegal Haitians, not officially employed. That is what one employer told me, but I have not checked it up. He said he dont even have a residency for DR, but he plans to marry Ms Pellerin to live a better life...
This place is nothing for the tourist and nothing for people wanting to stay long term as well. There is NO work offered, just suggestions of names of businesses. Ms Pellerin have NO coperation with ANYONE in Playa Dorada, she has a very bad reputation there, and noone coperates with her or with YOU if you say you live there.
Author: Beau Posted at 9:59 12/20/2004
Ha, ha and LOL... Sunsetdream is so burned as well now.. Last I heard Diane Pellerin has a new name: CASAQUEBEC... That lady has no nerve.. Watch out for anything that has something to do with her!
Author: Bella Posted at 17:45 12/11/2004
I have lived at this place and I left very fast. It is out in the bush, only with public cars that goes, but not evenings or Sundays. It is located on a dirtroad, with a big Haitian settlement. My studio was dirty, no door to the bathroom, only cold water, a broken staircase to the studio with no lights. I could not flush down toiletpaper and she had a Haitian worker that kept on bugging me. She charged me 180 US for 1 month, it is not much, but the standards are very, very low. It is simular to how the poorest Dominican lives. She promised me work in Playa Dorada where she said she had contacts and coperation. She had no work, she only gave me a list of names of hotels. I could figure the names out myself! I found my work myself and had money to live, so this was not a problem, the problem is her promises and her talk about nature. Nature there is beautiful, but not on her place. It is dirty, not well maintained, cars, garages, no lights...
Now I live in a 2 bedroom apartment on a calm street in Puerto Plata. I pay 4500 pesos per month, appr. 120 US and I have fruittrees, palmtrees, close to the city, yet calm...
If you plan to go to the countryside in the mud, do an excursion first to this place before sending Diane Pellerin any money. She has NO work, in Playa Dorada people dont want to hear about her or her promises, the place is VERY LOW standard. Go and see first if you chose not to believe what people say. I was there in October last year and over 5 persons left at the same time, noone got work from her, noone liked the place. People moved individually, find their own works.
Diane Pellerin is a big rip-off.
Author: Anna M Posted at 15:16 09/28/2004
Addition to the below. You write beware of what you are paying.. Are YOU aware of that in comparence to the level of standards, Sunsetdream is one of the most expensive places in the city, and this even though she is not a company and does not pay taxes as everyone else. I know this is not Playa Dorada, but please do your homework on rules, laws and the country before you comment. There are noway unlegal businesses should be suported, this place or any other.
Author: Jason Posted at 14:45 09/10/2004
It is nice you had a good vacation, but there is rules in this county too. Ms Pellerin changes name as she likes, she promise people work on false information, she does not have a company registred, she does not pay any taxes, she does not have legal workers in the sense that they have residency in the country or that they are employed. She claims people can stay at her apartments and she will find them work, that they need no workpermit. This is not true.. Check out some of the messageboards related to DR, and you can read about the facts for running a company in DR and general comments about Sunset Dream, Tropical House, SunCamp or whatever she chooses to call herself. Still it is good you had a great vacation, ut you were staying at an unlegal place, completely uninsuranced..
Author: Jason Posted at 14:43 09/10/2004
This is an opportunity to experience the Dominica Republic outside the commercial zones, to appreciate the flora and culture and add benefit to the local economy. Our observations are that Diane's employees are local, and her overriding interest is in enhancing the local economy. The accomodation is basic by western european standards but the charges are modest . We enjoyed superb riding, on fit, obedient horses, on vast unpeopled beaches. A superb holiday! Liz Golding
Author: r golding Posted at 17:53 09/3/2004
This review is a biased opinion, and does not represent the experience we had.
In fact we were so pleased with our experience, certainally it is not 'luxuary', we are returning after 6 months.
we are a middle aged wealthy english couple who had the best riding adventure of our life.
Have an open mind and be aware of what you are paying and Dianne is a guenuine person. Do what there were a few spiders, but the kept the insects down. Dianne promises 'nature'. ENJOY
Author: r golding Posted at 15:51 09/2/2004

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