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I travelled to Punta Cana to the Superclubs Breezes resort in January 2006. Unfortunately I came across this website after I had booked my trip, but before we left; and read a number of bad reviews of the resort I was about to be visiting. I read the good and the bad and decided to take some of the comments into consideration, but be open to having a great vacation without worrying about what someone else had written about.

I can honestly say that I had a great time, and would return to Breezes!

I read a lot about how bad the reservation system was for the specialty restaurants, but you are given 3 reservations when you arrive and can request more on the day of, very easily. People lined up as soon as the reservation desk opened, but it was free for the rest of the day - and spots still available at decent times. We ate at these restaurants 5 out of 7 days and would highly recommend it. The buffet gets a little tired after a while.

We visited the Marinarium as our day trip and it was pretty good. It's snorkling with sharks and sting rays. Not the best conditions for an underwater camera - waves a bit strong causing the water to be cloudy. You can still get a great look at the marine life. It's a fun trip, but the motion on the boat can be a bit much if it's windy/wavy. A worth while experience.

The rooms at Breezes are tiny and the beds seem small, but it was very clean and everything worked.

Probably the best aspect was the fact that no one got sick. I've never been to a resort where I didn't get sick myself, or hear other guest discussing their illnesses and what foods to avoid. It was so relaxing to feel comfortable and not worry about the quality of food or drinks. The only thing we avoided was brushing our teeth with tap water from the bathroom - just in case.

Last thing, I would recommend bringing tons of $1 US bills. They are impossible to find here. Everyone only has $20's and NO ONE has change - taxi drivers especially. Also, it never gets cold, but it can get very windy once and a while - I regret not bringing more warm clothes.

Hope this provides a positive experience in the list of negative ones for this resort!

Author: Annonymous Review date: 02/6/2006



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