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I've vacationed in Puerto Plata many times and I feel that the Riu resorts offer the most for the money. For most of the year, I've received all-inclusive rates of approximately $40-$80 per person, per day. Riu offers three separate resorts on the grounds - The Bachata, The Merengue, and The Mambo. The Bachata is the main resort and is a little more expensive than the other two, however the service, food, and accommodations are the same quality, so my tip is to stay at The Merengue or Mambo and pay less. Since all are connected, you are free to visit all three, although you must eat dinner at the resort you are booked with. The grounds and facilities are picturesque, neat, and well maintained. The rooms are clean and fairly comfortable. Don't expect too much with the dining at Riu. The food/buffet and drinks are merely average, yet it is comparable with higher-priced resorts. The dinner buffet features a different cuisine theme each night, making it a fun event to taste the different foods, which is a welcomed distraction from the average quality. There is a lot of beach property to roam. The northern coast beaches are not as beautiful as the east and southern coast beaches, but they are still very nice. Guest rooms feature a stocked mini bar with unlimited rum, vodka, scotch, whiskey, beer, soda, and water, although don't expect top-shelf quality. All three resorts feature a different live show each day, allowing you a choice of what to see. In addition, each resort features their own pool area and you may use all three. The pools are spacious and feature a bar on site. The service is very good at Riu, probably above average in comparison to other area resorts. The staff is polite and attentive. If you were thinking about visiting Puerto Plata, I would recommend you try Riu.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 10/2/2006



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