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February 18, 2014
  • "World looks up to the DR" as tourism destination
  • Master of the Ocean 2014
  • Rally Frontera - Dominican Off-road
  • Cabo Rojo Challenge
"World looks up to the DR" as tourism destination
World Tourism Organization Secretary General Taleb Rifai presented President Danilo Medina with the WTO Open Letter on Travel and Tourism for his support for tourism as the key to growth and fairer development at the opening of the International Seminar on Tourism Destinations Management of Cultural Heritage Sites yesterday, Monday 17 February. The event is taking place in Santo Domingo from 17-18 February.
Speaking at the event, Rifai said that travel and tourism were an overwhelming force in today's world. "Future generations will look back and say this was the age of travel," he said, stressing this is a golden opportunity if correctly managed. "In the middle of success, the Dominican Republic stands out as a unique example. It is the most visited destination in the Caribbean, the most talked about," he said.
"Many may not realize that you are very much spoken of outside of this country and the world," he commented. "The word looks up to you."
Rifai stated that success in the Dominican Republic has not come about by accident. He mentioned that the presence of President Medina at the event was "living proof of commitment." He emphasized that the Open Letter represented recognition for Medina as a world leader in tourism and travel all around the world.
In his remarks he mentioned that "the Dominican Republic is a very well-known leisure destination that has realized very correctly that we need to look at the cultural depth. This is the time to look at where, who we are and to celebrate our differences".
The Dominican Republic is focusing on developing its Colonial City attraction in Santo Domingo and initiatives are underway to develop inland destinations featuring activities such as agro-tourism as a complement to beach and sun tourism.
In his keynote address at the opening of the seminar, Minister of Tourism Francisco Javier Garcia highlighted the impact the opening of new highways to key tourism destinations and the passing of Law 195-13 that extends the length (from 10 to 15 years) and scope (nationwide) of tax incentives to qualifying companies as key to achieving the target of 10 million tourists in 10 years.
Master of the Ocean 2014
Preparations are underway for Cabarete to again be the Caribbean water sports capital when the Master of the Ocean event that brings together the best water sports athletes in the world starts this Sunday, 23 February. This wave riding triathlon continues through Thursday, 27 February. Professionals as well as amateur athletes will be competing in windsurfing, surfing, kite boarding and sup-surfers (stand up paddle). Cabarete's consistently good winds make all the difference to the event, attracting world famous competitors.
The event brings together some of the world's top water sportsmen/women to test their physical condition, equipment and experience against earth wind and waves. There is an overall winner, known as the Master of the Ocean as well as individual winners in each discipline. The event owes its success to the fact that Cabarete offers a wide array of complementary attractions and tours, combined with great gastronomy and a partying environment.
The event is now in its twelfth year.
Rally Frontera - Dominican Off-road
The Quisqueya Auto Club, with the backing of the Armed Forces Ministry, is organizing the 15th Rally Frontera 4x4 Aventura 2014 from Wednesday 26 February to Sunday, 2 March. The event is also being sponsored by EcoPetroleo Dominicana. Promoter Jose Liz and technical director, Rear Admiral Lazaro Garcia Nieto, say that this is an international event with teams from Germany, Italy, Puerto Rico and the DR expected to attend. The event will consist of two days of rally and two of tourism and the route covers 1,600 km in two phases. The trip covers Jarabacoa, Manabao, La Culata, Constanza, Las Canitas, Padre las Casas, San Juan de la Maguana, Vallejuelo, Neiba, Duverge and Cabo Rojo. While 4x4 vehicles are required, this also is a wonderful opportunity to do some off-the-beaten-path tourism. SUVs are available for rent at National, see
For more information on the rally, see
Cabo Rojo Challenge
Open water swimmers are invited to the southwestern Dominican Republic to swim off beautiful Cabo Rojo beach from 28-29 June. The event brings together long-distance swimmers from all around the Dominican Republic. Because of the limited hotel capacity in Pedernales and Barahona, reservations need to be made early. The swim will take place on Sunday, 29 June in the morning at distances of 2, 4 and 8 kilometers. Event organizers are putting together packages that include transport, meals, and lodging or just registration in Pedernales.

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