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Banco de Reservas had for small and medium-sized enterprisesOpposition party Santo Domingo province senator Antonio Taveras Guzmán accused the government of President Danilo Medina of allowing government departments and the government bank, Banco de Reservas, to irregularly favor former Minister of Public Works Gonzalo Castillo with juicy contracts and multi-million dollar loans. Castillo held the position for seven years, just resigning when President Medina chose him to be the ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) presidential candidate.

In a press conference, Taveras Guzmán presented official documents supporting his accusation. He said the Banco de Reservas favored Helidosa Aviation Group with loans that today amount to more than RD$1.6 billion, equivalent to 10.5% of the entire portfolio the bank destined to medium and small business all throughout the country. He...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.