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President Luis Abinader named Roberto Santana as honorary advisor to the Executive Branch on Security Policies and the Prison System. With Santana present at a meeting televised from the Presidential Palace, Abinader presented the new Prison Reform Plan. The plan seeks to reduce crime, improve conditions for those in jail, and create the conditions to promote prisoners’ reinsertion into society. Santana is the country’s most prepared expert on jail systems.

Abinader called the reforming of the jail system “of vital and maximum urgency” and an essential part of building a comprehensive security system.

Roberto Santana had been very critical of the mega-investment of the past Medina administration in the building of the La Nueva Victoria jail. He said it would take another six months for the recently inaugurated prison to be ready for use. He says the jail was...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.