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The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic says annual inflation is just at 3.12%, with a near 1% increase in August (0.78%). The Central Bank explained that increases in the cost of transportation, food, non-alcoholic beverages and housing had fueled the inflation rate. There were variations in health services (0.91%), diverse goods and services and education to a lesser degree.

There was a 1.51% variation in the Consumer Price Index, with bus fares, motoconchos, and public cars all increasing fares. According to the Central Bank, these increases are a delayed reaction to increases in fuel prices between May and June.

The 0.72% increase in the Consumer Price Index is mainly due to increases in the prices of many staples in the family basket. The 1% increase in the housing sector is due to higher prices of propane and paint. Health costs were upped by increased costs for some heart medicines...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.