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The new Customs Agency director Eduardo Sanz has been busy cutting wasteful spending at the department. Sanz says the department has orders to reduce taxes to help businesses survive Covid-19 pandemic and thousands of others that paid taxes are now being imported tax-free. He says taxes are down 40% mainly due to less imports as people are avoiding shopping for non-essential items.

In an interview with Pablo McKinney for his TV talk show, Sanz tells how he noticed RD$400,000 was budgeted for coffee mixing sticks. He noted that his coffee was never served with the mixers, and then toured several other offices and these too were using metal spoons, not stick mixers. He told his purchasing department to make sure no more mixers were purchased!

Sanz says his staff has been able to cut RD$55 million in a quick revision of spending at the DGA. He said the DGA is carrying out a...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.