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Roberto Antonio Silverio Castillo / N Digital

The commander of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Program (COBA) of the Ministry of the Interior and Police in La Altagracia, Roberto Antonio Silverio Castillo, denounced higher up military officers are making life impossible for his patrols. He said that generals, colonels and other high-ranking military officials allow businesses to stay open after curfew to continue to sell alcoholic beverages to their customers.

As reported in N Digital, Silverio Castillo denounced the situation when meeting with the governor of La Altagracia, Martina Pepén Santana. He said that in Bavaro, the COBA agents that patrol the commercial, touristic and residential district have clashed with officers that authorize that certain businesses stay open.

Silverio Castillo said that the enforcement of alcohol-vending hours is the task of the...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.