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The Ministry of Public Health’s Epidemiology Department Coronavirus Bulletin #242 reports 479 new PCR confirmed cases. 3,511 first PCR tests were carried out in time for the 15 November report deadline. The 14-day average is 3,569 tests. President Abinader announced on 16 November that the country has the capacity to process 10,000 PCR tests a day.

The 4-week positivity rate is up slightly to 10.06%, while the 24-hour positivity is 13.64%. The number of reported active cases has risen slightly to 21,536.

Regardless, the Ministry of Public Health Covid-19 team has been reporting a marked decline in demand for tests for the past month. The government has made available more fixed stations for testing and expanded services at public hospitals to catch the disease early and isolate sick people. Yet, the Ministry complains people are not showing up to test themselves early...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.