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President Luis Abinader held a televised dialogue last night to share insights into how he is delivering on his promise for change in the country. He stressed: “The top priority of the government is to create jobs.” He answered questions posed by citizens on health, economic, justice, education, social and the tourism industry issues for one hour.

He said that the Covid-19 virus “is under control.” He said the government is funding the definite completion of the three main regional public hospitals – Cabral y Baez in Santiago, Antonio Musa in San Pedro de Macoris and the San Vicente de Paul in San Francisco de Macoris. He stressed the importance of bringing universal health coverage to Dominicans. Already 1.7 million poor Dominicans have been added to the government Senasa plan.

Among the explanations, Abinader said that the government is directing 70% of capital investments...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.