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Lab technician holding swab collection kit,Coronavirus COVID-19 specimen collecting equipment,DNA nasal and oral swabbing for PCR polymerase chain reaction laboratory testing procedure and shipping

Journalist Josefina Medina writing for Hoy reveals the difficulties she confronted to find where a PCR test could be made in Greater Santo Domingo.

Abinader administration Health Cabinet head, Vice President Raquel Peña said during a press conference at the Presidential Palace that there were sufficient tests for all who needed them. Deputy Minister of Public Health Ivelisse Acosta also said the same during the weekly Wednesday press conference.

President Luis Abinader spoke of the expected arrival of new equipment that would increase the country’s capacity to 14,000 up from 10,000 at present. But he did acknowledge in a recent press conference that private...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.