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The Presidency issued Decrees 6-21 and 7-21 with the new rules for lockdown in the Dominican Republic. The rules are slightly less restrictive but still considerably reduce social gatherings to reverse the present upward trend in cases. The spike is attributed to the increased mobility for the Christmas holidays and general pandemic fatigue.

With Decree 6-21, the nation continues under a National State of Emergency. The 45-day extension is effective 11 January through 26 February 2021.

With Decree 7-21, the Health Cabinet sets down regulations through 24 January. The lockdown is from 5pm to 5am, with now free transit time extended from two to three hours. The grace period to get home is now from 5pm to 8pm, up from 7pm. This is in effect for Monday to Friday, regardless of whether the day falls on a holiday.

The same decree also establishes a three-hour...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.