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Government departments and agencies are now allowed to carry out direct contracting with much higher thresholds authorized.

Resolution PNP 01-2021 establishes that entities must call for public bidding for all works that reach RD$394,299,738.00 thereafter, as well as for the acquisition of goods and services of more than RD$4,846,824.

In the case of restricted bidding, the new thresholds for works range from RD$164,291,557.00 to RD$394,299,737.99. Meanwhile, for works and services, they range from RD$4,792,884.00 to RD$4,846,823.99.

With respect to the procedure for comparing prices of works for this 2021, the ceiling goes from RD$26,286,649.00 to RD$98,574,933.00, while for goods and services the ceiling for this contracting modality goes from RD$985,749 to RD$4,792,883.99.

For minor purchases of goods and services the threshold established by...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.