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The medical establishment in the Dominican Republic has again gone public speaking out against the use of Ivermectin regarding Covid-19 virus. In the Dominican Republic, almost covertly, thousands of physicians are sucessfully using the drug that was discovered by a former Nobel Prize winner. In the Dominican Republic, the most outspoken promoter of the drug is Dr. Jose Natalio Redondo, after he was able to successfully reduce deaths in Puerto Plata once the drug began to be administered at his clinic.

The Ministry of Public Health on 11 January 2021 issued a statement indicating that Ivermectin is not a recommended treatment for the virus. Likewise, the Dominican Society of Infectology recommends getting vaccinated and keeping physical distance.

Meanwhile, mass parasite programs with Ivermectin for years have been the norm in Haiti. The practice could explain why the low death toll and...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.