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You don’t want to be caught violating curfew in the Dominican Republic. The inconvenience, health risk and cost are reasons to not take any chance of being caught circulating without permission.

Those staying at resorts and hotels are subject to different protocols allowing for increased mobility. Unless you are staying at a resort, commuting to or from the airport to take a flight (with a valid ticket to prove it) or have a special permit issued by the Ministry of Public Health and the authorities, do not chance getting arrested.

Those arrested for driving during curfew are required to pay RD$2,000 to be released after spending a night in jail. Now, the Attorney General announces the fee is increased to RD$5,000. Those driving motorcyclists are fined RD$2,000. Those arrested on foot, are fined RD$1,000. Bars, restaurants, entertainment centers and private parties are...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.