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The Ministry of Public Works announced the first five public-private parking structures in the National District and Santiago this year. These will add 2,109 spaces for vehicles in very congested areas in the capital city and Santiago, the second largest city. The 4-5-6 level parking buildings are contemplated in the National Parking Plan. The Parking Trust (Fideicomiso Parquéate-RD), a public-private endeavor, is funding the parking facilities.

President Luis Abinader attended the event to announce the paid-parking parking facility plans. Sixteen public-private parking facilities will go up in the National District and four in Santiago for an overall 8,109 parking spaces. The charges will vary. There will be fees for short-term parking (less than an hour), hourly fees, extended use fees. Monthly parking permits will also be sold.

Several facilities are to be located...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.