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Sociologists say sports betting is a cancer that has spread throughout the nation since the days of the Leonel Fernández presidencies. Diario Libre reports that at least nine deputies in Congress are prosperous businessmen with major investments in sports betting businesses. The newspaper points out how the legislators are ironically on the culture, sports and youth committees in Congress.

The legislators with investments in sports betting include:Eduardo Espiritusanto Castillo, deputy for La Romana for Fuerza del Pueblo (FP). Bancas Eduard.Domingo Eusebio de León Mascaro, Santo Domingo-PLD. La Solución.Juan Carlos Echavarria Milané of the PLD. Bancas Joselito.Carlos José Gil Rodriguez of the PLD. La Dinámica.Manuel Miguel Florián Terrero (Barahona-PRM). Los Mellizos.Melvin Alexis Lara Melo (PRM). Banca Alex LaraOrlando Antonio Martinez Peña (Monseñor Nouel-PRM). Bancas OM...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.