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The Ministry of Public Health reports 16 deaths due to intoxication by adulterated alcoholic beverages over the Easter holidays. The “death cocktail” was a drink shared among friends and family in the Camino de Engombe sector in Santo Domingo West. The drink cost RD$125 each and intoxicated 20 people in the community. The victims were adults of all ages. Relatives told El Caribe that a neighbor had purchased the bottle of the adultered beverage to share with his friends and relatives. It was served as a frozen drink. The victims began to experience belly pain, vomiting, difficulty in breathing and convulsions.

The mother of one deceased Ariel Montero, Francia Otaño, told El Caribe: “They should stop selling that stuff. Too many people have died. It must be the poison they put in that drink, because how can people die from drinking two drinks,” Otaño said. Montero had...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.