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The Ministry of Public Health announced several free vaccination centers in Santiago province. These are:Dirección Provincial de Salud Santiago IIIDirección Provincial de Salud Santiago IIHEMMICPN Palo AmarilloCasa Club Embrujo IIIHospital Jose María Cabral y BáezHospital de BaitoaHospital de TamborilHospital Juan XXIIIHospital Municipal Licey al MedioHospital Monte AdentroGran Teatro del CibaoHospital Bella VistaHospital Hato del YaqueHospital de JanicoHospital de Sajoma

The vaccinates are available free from 9am to 3pm or 8 to 2pm. People should call ahead to make certain the tests are being carried out at these locations.

The Ministry of Public Health has said that tests are free in public hospitals nationwide. People need a prescription and Dominican government ID.

The Dominican Medical Association (CMD) has presented a legal recourse and...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.