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For years under the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) governments of Leonel Fernandez and Danilo Medina, a bill that would give the government the right to confiscate assets acquired through illicit operations stagnated in the National Congress. The latest bill eventually expired. The present penalties for corruption in government are relatively light and traditionally drug capos have been able to serve relatively short sentences and keep most of their illicitly-obtained assets. Meanwhile, so far the penalizing of a government official for corruption is a rare occurrence.

With the change in the majority party in Congress, the senator for the province of Santo Domingo, Antonio Taveras Guzmán (PRM-Santo Domingo) has presented a new extinction of domain bill. “El Espia” column in Diario Libre on 3 May 2021 says that San Juan de la Maguana senator Felix Bautista worked on the draft to submit...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.