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Dominican tourism has recovered 80% of the pre-pandemic number of visitors. Non-resident air arrivals in June were 462,536. 75% of the travelers came from the United States, says the Ministry of Tourism. June travel is 19.6% more than in May.

Non-resident air arrivals have been increasing since March 2021. The numbers as of the 21st of each month are: March 313,289, April 327,074; May 390,948 and June 462,536. July is expected to be another record month.

Ministry of Tourism statistics indicate that 87 out of every 100 hotels in the country are open as of June, with 83% of their rooms in operation. Likewise, hotels report 57% occupancy, increasing to 69% on weekends.

Flights to the Dominican Republic have also been increasing since April. The numbers are 3,566 in April, 3,810 in May and 4,127 in June (as of the 21st of the month deadline).

The Ministry of...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.