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The National Wages Committee (CNS) reached an agreement for minimum wage increases. Labor Minister Luis Miguel de Camps announced the new classification of companies depending on number of employees and sales volumes. Minimum wages are set according to the new categories. The agreement was reached during a meeting of the CNS, the government body that brings together employers, labor and government and meets every two years to set minimum wages.

Companies with more than 150 employees and sales of more than RD$202 million will raise minimum wage pay by 19%, bringing the minimum wage to RD$21,000.

Medium-sized companies will pay 59% more, with the minimum wage increasing to RD$19,250. Medium-sized companies have 51 to 150 workers and sales of RD$54 to RD$202 million a year.

Businesses with 10 to 50 workers and sales from RD$8 million to RD$54 million will qualify as...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.