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The Ministry of Public Health Coronavirus Bulletin #568 reports 517 new cases, down from the recent high of 886 on the previous day. There continue to be significant increases in cases for Greater Santo Domingo. The positivity for the National District is at 9.45% and for Santo Domingo province at 7.60%. The Presidency is going ahead with the removing of the curfew in all provinces as of Monday, 11 October 2021.

Ten provinces present a positivity rate over 10%. These are Pedernales 24.29%, Peravia 22.83%, Montecristi 20.89%, Azua 11.90%, San Cristóbal 11.08%, Sánchez Ramírez 10.33%, Dajabón 14.39%, Santiago Rodríguez 11.81%, El Seibo 11.56% and La Romana 11.60%.

The authorities are tackling the rise in cases. President Luis Abinader on 30 September 2021 urged people to get vaccinated, and those that already have the two doses to get the booster shot. An...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.