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Vice President Raquel Peña, Tourism Minister David Collado, Industry & Commerce Minister Victor Bisonó, Mayor Abel Martínez, Senator Eduardo Estrella, Governor Rosa Santos all gave the groundbreaking shovel for the start of construction of Santiago Center, with a 177-room Hilton hotel, convention center, shopping center and entertainment center.

The Santiago Center will be a 110,000 square meter construction and be located at the intersection of Eduardo Estrella Sadhalá with Juan Pablo Duarte, 20 minutes from the Cibao International Airport and an hour from the Puerto Plata International Airport.

The center is expected to be open by 2024.

The project is developed by Centro Cuesta Nacional (Supermercados Nacional, Centro Cuesta and Jumbo stores) and Grupo Ambar (Agora Mall, Santo Domingo Motors. Jose Miguel Gonzalez Cuadra for CCN and Miguel Barletta for Grupo Ambar spoke at...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.