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The director general of the Customs Agency (DGA), Eduardo Sanz Lovatón presented the advantages of the Dominican Republic for investment and exports at the international forum of Expo Dubai 2020. Sanz Lovatón told of steps taken by the country to become the largest and most important logistics and business hub in the region.

Sanz Lovaton said that Expo Dubai 2020 is the largest international fair in the world, where more than 192 countries participate and is an ideal platform to present the Dominican Republic as an attractive business partner. He spoke of the wide range of national products with export potential and high demand in international markets and the logistical, operational and tax advantages offered by the nation for foreign investors.

During his participation in Expo Dubai 2020, Sanz Lovatón highlighted that the Dominican Republic is the best...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.