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Shortly after he was named Minister of Defense, Major General Carlos Diaz Morfa sent a letter to the Chamber of Deputies requesting the reinstatement in the Penal Code of the special jurisdiction for crimes committed by the military. The current Penal Code orders the military to be judged by ordinary justice.

The Senate has already passed a first reading accepting to give privileged jurisdiction to criminal acts by the military (Art. 303). In a previous legislature, the Penal Code bill had passed in the Chamber of Deputies also included the exception. The Senate bill once it passes the second reading will be sent to the Chamber of Deputies for passing.

Alianza Pais deputy Jose Horacio Rodriguez has signed on to a dissident Penal Code protesting the inclusion of the clause. He has been very vocal in his strong opposition to the special military courts.

The matter is...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.