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During a TV interview with Hoy Mismo on Color Vision, Channel 9, Public Health Minister Daniel Rivera said the health authorities are in talks with pharmaceutical companies to start the sale of antigen self-tests in pharmacies. At present, only government facilities and authorized private labs can carry out the test.

“Right now at the Ministry of Health we already have two requests from pharmacies and we are reviewing Resolution No. 237-2021 of the Superintendence of Health and Labor Risks (Sosalril) that conditions and limits access to PCR tests to detect Covid-19.” Resolution No. 237 set the costs of the tests at RD$1,800 the antigen, and RD$4,000 the PCR, but mandated that people first pay for an antigen test in order to have the right to insurance coverage of one PCR test per year per person.

The Health Minister reiterated that the government invested billions of pesos in...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.