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Luis Miguel De Camps / Diario Libre

The period of consultations opened by the Ministry of Labor for domestic workers new labor working conditions ended after 25 day-window for people to email their opinions since 29 March 2022. In an interview with Diario Libre on 3 May 2022, Labor Minister Luis Miguel de Camps explained what’s in the books now for household workers. He said the regulations will be simple, not those of a business. He said households are not productive economic units. The plan is for domestic workers to be included in social security plans under a mechanism that the National Council of Social Security will establish.

The draft had stated that work shifts could not be more than eight hours a day, nor greater than 44 hours a week, and that a nine hour rest period was mandatory.

The next step is for the National Council of Wages to set a minimum wage for...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.