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There is a boom in constructing one and two-bedroom apartments in Santo Domingo, reports Mariela Mejía for Diario Libre. She highlights in the newspaper article that a selling point of the units is that they are attractive for the tourism rental market.

The feature points out that only between January-February 2022, the Central Bank reports that 27.4% of non-resident foreigners visiting the Dominican Republic stayed outside of hotels (249,758 people), a percentage higher than the 20.1% registered in the same months in 2021.

Tourism Minister David Collado told the reporter that given the accelerated growth of real estate tourism, the government is likely to soon regulate this modality and ensure that local taxes are paid. Collado said a ruling could be forthcoming in the next two months. He estimates while there are around 83,000 hotel rooms, there are an additional upwards of 53,000 rooms being marketed in platforms such as Airbnb. A large number of these rooms are located...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.