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People are talking about who they know who has fallen sick with Covid-19 recently, despite having three vaccines. It would seem the fourth wave is trying to get a start here. It did not come due to the gatherings for Easter Week. Apparently the Covid-19 variant has been imported by Dominicans who have traveled abroad, or is came with visiting friends and family.

Otherwise, the Dominican Republic has reached a kind of herd immunity regarding Covid-19. That is, sufficient number of people seem to have developed immunity from catching the disease, and sufficient number of people are fully vaccinated.

New cases seem to be mild, with record lows in hospitalizations. But some people who have recently fallen ill, complain of suffering a very bad cold-like bout. No one should let down one’s guard.

The number of active cases is 492, up from 469 on the day before. There were no deaths reported. The...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.