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President Luis Abinader was the first guest of the Foro Publico space opened in his YouTube channel by the leading news commentator, Sergio Carlo. President Abinader responded to questions on key issues addressed by his government. He used the opportunity to promote his government. He reminded Carlo that it is easier to watch and comment on the game from the bleachers, than to be a key player.

Police reformPresident Abinader asked for more time for people to see the results of the police reform actions. He says Compstat that is used by the Police in the United States is being implemented here to have trustworthy crime statistics to be able to monitor the effects of the actions being taken.

He highlighted the active participation of middle echelons in the police with the changes underway.

He said now the public prosecutors are acting separate from the...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.