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Chris Duarte / El Nuevo Diario

The team’s head coach Melvyn Lopez announced the preliminary 25-men squad for the upcoming fourth window of the FIBA Americas Qualifier. The Dominican Republic’s three NBA players, Boston Celtics’ Al Horford, Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns and Indiana Pacers’ Chris Duarte are confirmed on the team.

The names of Horford and Towns were announced after Chris Duarte of the Indiana Pacers said he was game to play for the Dominican Republic in the FIBA World Cup Qualifiers in August 2022.

Chris Duarte is a native of Puerto Plata who has just played a first season with the Indiana Pacers. His first season 2021-22 as a shooting guard ended with his playing in 55 games an average of 28 minutes per game, averaging 13.1 points, 4.1 rebounds, 2.1 assists. He made 37% of his three-pointers. Duarte for months had said he was available to...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.