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The road to get there is good enough from Puerto Plata and Santiago. The Ministry of Public Works is making it better.

Now the newly formed Association for the Development of Punta Rucia (Adepur) commits to work to promote the development of the tourist potential of the region and the different attractions of the municipal district of Estero Hondo.

The president of the entity, Juan Bautista Bisonó is working to promote the integral development of recreational activities in the municipality of Villa Isabela, La Isabela Histórica, Estero Hondo, Punta Rucia and surrounding areas.

Bautista Bisonó says the group is working for better public infrastructure and security in the area. The focus is on private-public joint activities to find solutions to rainwater infrastructure, drinking water, electricity, road infrastructure, and the recreational activities for the population and visitors...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.