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The Ministry of Tourism announced a new monthly record for tourist arrivals. In July 2022, a record 735,064 non-resident travelers visited. This is 10% more than in July 2018, 24% above July 2019 and 30% more than in July 2021. The number of arrivals have been increasing as visitors choose the Dominican Republic for a vacation after the Covid-19 lull on travel.

The number of travelers in July is more than in any other month in the history of the Dominican Republic.

Tourism Minister David Collado said the number of arrivals breaks the previous record that was 728,335 non-resident arrivals in December 2021.

“We did it again. We achieved an extraordinary month in tourist arrivals to the Dominican Republic,” Collado expressed when referring to the record figure reached in July in visitor arrivals compared to the same month in previous years. “July 2022 becomes...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.