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The Ministry of Education purchasing continues to make headlines. Diario Libre reports on 3 August 2022 that journalist Tania Molina when covering a recent purchase of digital books for public schools learned that the person designated as one of the two partners of tender winning School Teams SRL, Primitivo Santos, has denied knowing anything about the company.

On 2 June 2022 the Ministry of Education awarded to 10 companies more than RD$1.8 billion for the purchase of digital books. The tender was carried out with the procedure of exception that is used when the government determines these are the only possible candidates for the tender.

On 12 July 2022, the Procurement Agency (DGCP) suspended the digital books tender of the Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education has held press conferences to defend the tender.

The Diario Libre report on 3 August 2022...

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