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Diario Libre has been covering the plight of residents in the Poligono Central who object to increases in city density with the construction of major high rises in already congested areas. The director of City Planning, Mayobanex Suazo has defended the construction of the Parkside Towers on Federico Geraldino Street near Abraham Lincoln. Suazo says that the project meets the requirements of city planning directives.

But, National District Councilman Mario Sosa says the statements from the Mayor’s Office of the National District regarding the Parkside project do not correspond to reality. The mayor’s office says that the aforementioned construction is supported by the city’s Land Use Plan, which the young alderman denies.

Sosa explained that the Mayor’s Office alludes to the Land Management Plan to justify its violation of the resolution in effect for the Polígono Central # 94-98 that establishes a much lower density in the construction of buildings in the area than what the...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.