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In the Dominican Republic, legislators of all political parties discussed the 19 November migratory travel alert issued by the US government and the more recent ban on sugar exports of the US corporation Central Romana in a working session on Wednesday, 23 November.

In addressing the issue, the president of the Senate, Eduardo Estrella, asked President Luis Abinader to maintain his responsible position regarding the Haitian issue, as reported in El Caribe.

Senator Alexis Victoria Yeb read a manifesto rejecting the migratory alert issued by the US Embassy. The manifesto stresses the DR can no longer be the one country burdened with the historical problems of the Haitian people. Furthermore, it is time for the international community to take action on Haiti’s problems. 

The senator of the province of La Vega, Ramon Rogelio Genao, said the country is being victim of a defamation campaign by...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.