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Public Health Minister Daniel Rivera said on 23 November 2022 that the government expects it will spend RD$10 billion this year to care for Haitian patients at public hospitals. The expenditure is 14% of the resources available for public hospital services in the country. Rivera said that despite the large amount, the government has never denied care to needy Haitians.

The data was provided by Dr. Mario Lama, director of the National Health Service that groups public hospitals. “By our planning, it is calculated, if there are no variations, that it will be 10 billion this year,” he said.

Most of the funds are allocated to the birthing of Haitians and neonatal care, around RD$6 billion. Yet, Dr. Lama said billions are spent to care for Haitian nationals suffering from HIV, cancer, injured in fights, traffic accidents, among other circumstances.

He explained the 14%...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.