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Engineer Osiris de León, the country’s earthquake and structural engineering expert, says the owners of the collapsed furniture and appliances building in La Vega were aware of the structural problems of the Multimuebles building. He said engineering norms were blatantly violated. He attributed this to the tendency for Dominicans to underestimate risks, given our Caribbean nature.

He highlighted two structural engineers had warned the owners that the building should be demolished after a fire caused major damage to a third floor. Instead, the owners chose to build a fourth floor. He said the collapse was detonated when workers employed on a renovation in the ground floor demolished a structural wall. Minutes after, the entire building collapsed.

Rescue crews using trained dogs found the corpse of 31-year old Yasiris Joaquín de Jesus under the rubble. She was an...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.