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Appointed in August 2022 to replace President Luis Abinader’s first choice for Minister of Education, Angel Hernández has been blunt about what he has found at the Ministry and what needs to change.

During an interview with the Corripio Media Group, Hernandez summed up that the billions invested after Danilo Medina allocated 4% of the GDP to public education in 2012 have been wasted. The change of administration in 2020 and the appointment of former minister Roberto Furcal did little to make a difference.

“The money that has been invested in the education sector has gone through the holes of the sack, because the main concern has not been the mission of the education system, that children learn,” stated the highly reputed educator.

Hernández says that until there is an acculturation of the teachers, from the central to the local level, to get all involved to...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.