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President Luis Abinader spoke up for Haiti during his six-minute participation during the plenary of the 7th Latin American and Caribbean Summit (CELAC) held in Buenos Aires, Argentina 23-24 January to call for action from the international community to resolve the multidimensional crisis in Haiti.

Abinader was blunt about how the situation in Haiti is a threat to the Dominican Republic. The collapse of social services and job opportunities in Haiti now compounded by gang controls places a major burden on government finances, health and security in the Dominican Republic. Abinader reiterated at the regional forum that the solution to the serious problems in Haiti are not in Dominican hands.

He said: “The call of the Haitian government to create a robust military force that would allow the Haitian National Police to better confront the criminal organizations that today...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.