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Katerine Motica / INTEC

President Luis Abinader handed the Father Luis Rosario National Youth Award to Katerine Motica.

The Father Luis Rosario award is the grand prize of the National Youth Awards. Motica is recognized for her Jompeame online platform that campaigns for funding to solve needing persons pressing needs.

Other 2022 winners are:Chana de la Cruz, contributions to the rural community;Dayelis Cepeda, contributions to human rights;Peter George Bertrán Ventura for international sports;Edward Espinosa in national sports;Astrid Paolina Gómez, cultural development;Joel Tavarez, business development and entrepreneurship;Enmanuel Jiménez for political leadership;Yonattan Mercado Acosta for the preservation and promotion of natural resources;Jefferson Romero for voluntary social services in favor of the community.Lola Josefina Díaz, for professional improvement;Darwin...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.