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About 10 kilometers of the 14 of the sea-bordering George Washington Avenue (El Malecón) have been illuminated with low-consumption LEDs to beautify and increase security in the area.

Edesur announced that 440 electric lamps have been installed from Abraham Lincoln Avenue to the Syrian-Palestinian Lebanese Club.

Milton Morrison, general administrator of Edesur, said 140 new LED or low consumption lamps were installed, and 54 poles.

The general manager of Edesur Dominicana said these works were carried out in response to the requests of neighborhood councils and passers-by who denounced the darkness of the area.

“The illumination of the main roads of the National District that correspond to Edesur is a priority,” said Morrison.

He said that the goal is not only to beautify each stretch of sea-fronting avenue, but also to increase the level of public safety...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.