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Five Spanish tourists who were hiking through the hills of Bahoruco near La Cienega and got lost on Thursday, 17 November 2023, were rescued by Dominican forest rangers in the early dawn on Saturday, 18 November.

The five in real life are firefighters in Spain. They were located through the combined efforts of the rangers, the Center for Emergency Operation and Politur officials, under the direction if its director General Minoru Matsunaga who personally led the search effort.

Due to the risky environment, and the intense rains, the rescue crews decided to remain in the search area overnight and were on hand when the forest rangers located the tourists.

At the end, Listin Diario reports the firemen themselves helped rescue many of the crews that had endeavored to rescue them. The effort was a show of solidarity, brotherhood and determination.

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To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.