DR1 receives more than 16,000+ unique visitors per day, 5,000,000+ visitors per year, making it the most visited and most popular site in English language for the Dominican Republic. We have the highest search engine rankings and saturation of any Dominican Republic related website. In addition to our search rankings, we are linked to by thousands of websites. This makes DR1 the most visible and linked Dominican Republic related website on the Internet.




DR1 visitors are the people you want to reach: people planning to visit the Dominican Republic; people interested in the Dominican Republic. The graphic below covers the period from Feb 1 to Apr 29, 2012.


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Directory Pages are like single page mini-websites. They offer an enticing description of your business with photos, location map and reviews. They encourage DR1 visitors to click through to your site or contact you by email.

  • Tabacalera de Garcia Cigar Tours
  • Dental Cibao Spa
  • DSP Dominican Sunshine Properties
  • Caribbean Dream

    Price: US$297 yearly or US$25 monthly




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