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The government has just cleared the new law on solid wastes. Former President Danilo Medina had vetoed the bill, but now it is law since 2 October 2020 on a rare technicality. Diario Libre reports on the good, bad and ugly parts of the General Law for Integral Management and Co-processing of Solid Wastes in the Dominican Republic.”

The good includes establishing a legal framework for the three Rs for solid wastes — reduction, reuse and recycling. The law also establishes norms for the disposal of and punishment of improper solid wastes disposal. The law puts numbers on this issue and gives guidelines for paying for these services. There is to be a Green Bond” for financing or re-financing green projects. And the law identifies where the monies will come from: a special trust fund. This fund will be financed by taxpayers and companies that produce the waste...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.