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The Council of the Judicial Branch (CPJ) ordered hearings to be face-to-face again. The judiciary informed it will abide by the Superior Administrative Court (TSA) ruling that ordered the opening of all the courts for in-person hearings. The courts must be equipped with the necessary personnel to guarantee real, agile, and timely access to all justice system users.

The TSA notified on 2 October that the implementation of Ruling No. 0030-02-2020-SSEN-00274 should be immediate.

The 146 main courts of the country had already reopened for in-person hearings. Arrangements had been made for online hearings to take place at the other courts.

The Council of the Judicial Branch, nevertheless, is appealing the TSA ruling arguing that not all of the courts have an adequate setting to administer justice safely in these Covid-19 times. The TSA ruling came in response to a...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.